Product photography workshop with Derek Lomas



You will spend a day under the guidance of lead instructor, Derek Lomas.

Derek is an experienced photographer, whose clients include L’Oreal, Waitrose, YSL, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Lancome, Dior, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Braun. He is also teaches Product Photography at the London School Of Photography. The workshop will teach you how to photograph products using both camera flash speedlights and professional studio lighting. Derek will show you, both how you can achieve studio lighting in your home at affordable prices and  how you can achieve it in a professional studio. Derek will also address how to use natural daylight and the things to consider when doing this. 

Our workshop is also perfect for the growing number of bloggers, independent retailers, bars and restaurants owners, with their continual need for eye catching photography, to reflect the quality of  their businesses and differentiate them from the competition. This workshop has been designed to show you how to create fantastic images for your website, social media feeds, advertising needs etc and to show you that the whole process is manageable and dare we say it enjoyable! There is no obligation to be a business owner or blogger, the workshop is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in getting their product photography to the next level.

It will be very much a hands on workshop with each student having a go, as photographer, assistant, stylist and prop designer! You will learn how to manage the process from start to finish and will be amazed at what you can produce! The workshop will cover 4 “recipes” of lighting which will allow for most types of product photography to be taken successfully. We will photo on the day,

  • Drinks
  • Perfume
  • Fashion accessories eg. jewellery
  • Silver and reflective items eg. stainless steel kitchen utensils.

The day will include Product Photography shooting principles and looking at current market trends. We will cover natural light, studio lighting & flash. The use of various types of equipment eg. umbrellas & soft boxes. How best to dress a shot through placement, backgrounds and props/styling. There will be a brief overview on post production work. All are welcome, all you need to bring is a Digital SLR. All other equipment is provided to use on the day. So looking forward to this class, hope to see you there! Any questions just give us a shout, always happy to help.  

Date: Saturday 17th February  
Time: 10am -4.30pm 
Photographer: Derek Lomas

The cost is just £110 per person, strictly limited to 6 participants. A light lunch and refreshments are included. 

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