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Video streaming services

Live streaming is fast becoming the communication channel of choice for companies and marketers.We specialise in fixed camera and multi camera live streaming to all major platforms and can get your stream on-line and out to your audience.


We offer live-streaming solutions in Oxford and thorough the UK. We are able to webstream your event from our studio or come to you or your event and broadcast to the web from any location – we’d connect to your broadband or we can bring the internet connection with us! We support multicam up to 4 cameras  setups and cost-effective solutions.


Live streaming: How it works

We use a ‘switcher’ that converts the HDMI signals produced by our cameras into a single stream, which then is converted into a webcam signal. 


The switcher plugs into our laptop, and we then connect to your platform and stream the event. We can stream to a web address or choose from one of the many platforms currently available like Facebook LiveYouTubeTwitch, TikTok, Vimeo, etc. Since we use it as a webcam, it allows us to stream to alsmost any platform. 


Our live-streaming kit is highly portable, and we can come to you. The setup time is pretty quick. We get to take advantage of all the benefits our camera kit has to offer, such as working with challenging lighting conditions, fantastic audio quality, reliable autofocus and professional broadcast standard image quality.


We can insert still images into the stream and switch camera angles in live time. It means that if you are running an event and you need some changeover time, you can insert a slide or photo whilst the changeover takes place.


We use radio microphones and a camera attached microphone to feed in high quality, clear audio so that we can fully capture what’s happening. In situations where lighting is difficult, we have that covered too, with high powered video lights usually used in film and video production. 

Advantages of live streaming

  • Live streaming grows your audience as an event gives access to people who wouldn’t have otherwise participated.
  • Live streaming reduces costs across the board. You can use live streaming as part of your training programs to train employees or customers, so everyone receives the same training and information at the same time. This mitigates other costs like accommodation or travel. As the event can be saved after it’s streamed, it also means it can be referred to again when needed in the future.
  • The money saved in streaming means you can spend money elsewhere in promoting your products, growing your company or promoting the event itself.
  • Whether it’s employees or customers, people like to be heard. The interactive nature of live events gives a platform for both you and your audience. Making them feel a valued part of your organisation.

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