Fitness photography session


Fitness photography sessions


Every trainer should have professional fitness photography for their business. 

If there is one thing that every personal trainer should spend a couple bucks on, it’s a photoshoot. If you manage it correctly, a single session could give you enough photography for months or years of social media and website posts. It will make you look professional and set you apart from the thousands of other trainers you’re competing with. 

No matter what your thoughts on fitness photography are, you need it. Stop being shy and get in front of the camera. No, you don’t have to take off your shirt if you don’t want to, but you still need some fitness pictures of you in action. While your poorly lit, shaky photos may get a few likes on Instagram, at the end of the day, the people who will spend money on your products and services want to see some professionalism; and good fitness photography is where it starts.


We’re proud to offer fitness modelling sessions in our studio in Oxford as well as on the gym floor. We’ve worked with personal trainers in Oxford helping them to build strong profile on social media.