This workshop will take you through the whole process of creating exceptional images. Over 3 separate evenings in January you’ll learn how to use your DSLR, shoot in a studio environment and edit your photos in Lightroom. This workshop is limited exclusively to 4 people.   The course is suitable for both absolute beginners and for those who are a little rusty and would like to recap on the fundamentals and learn how to use the studio.


1st evening (16th January 5pm-9pm)

  • You’ll learn how to expertly utilise your camera on manual mode and make the most out of your DSLR’s capabilities. We will introduce you to aperture settings, ISO and shutter speed and how to manage them to take your photos to a new level.  It will cover how to understand focal lengths and an introduction to the types of lenses available e.g. prime and zoom lenses.

2nd evening (23rd January 5pm-9pm)

  • This is a particularly hands on session. You’ll be shooting in the studio with an experienced model and you’ll learn how to use professional studio lights. Not only will you learn basic lighting techniques, you will also explore how to be creative with lighting to achieve your desired effect.

3rd evening (30th January 5pm-9pm)

  • You’ll learn the key fundamentals to Adobe Lightroom and will have the chance to edit your photos from the previous session. We’ll take a step by step run through of Lightroom’s software functions and give you the opportunity to utilise the maximum potential that Lightroom offers.

This intensive, hands on photography course offers participants the unique opportunity to work closely with experienced photography professionals and access to high quality equipment.  Over a total of 12 hours (split over 3 evening workshops) you can expect to:

  • Gain detailed knowledge of your DSLR camera and it’s capabilities
  • Consolidate existing photography knowledge
  • Learn about lighting principals
  • Implement practical skills in a professional photography studio
  • Explore ways to edit your images and maximise their visual potential
  • Have fun while learning in a fun, social environment with likeminded individuals

Booking: Select the event on the calendar and make a booking. If it’s not clear or you have any questions about the course please give our friendly team a call or email. We’re here to help!

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